Tyson Brown Publishes Two New Papers Examining Health Inequalities

DUPRI Scholar Tyson Brown has two new publications that examine the structural drivers of health inequalities.

In "Racialized Health Inequities: Quantifying Socioeconomic and Stress Pathways Using Moderated Mediation", just published in the journal Demography, Brown and his co-authors use "a novel moderated mediation approach to path analysis to formally quantify the extent to which an array of socioeconomic resources and stressors—collectively and individually—mediate racialized health inequities among a sample of older adults from the Health and Retirement Study".

In "The Future of Social Determinants of Health: Looking Upstream to Structural Drivers", co-authored with Patricia Homan, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Florida State University in The Milbank Quarterly, the authors argue for "the need for rigorous scientific investigation of various forms of structural oppression that are expressed as systematic exclusion of marginalized groups from power, resources, and opportunities within social, political, cultural, legal, and economic institutions." They conclude with "five recommendations for the field moving forward: (1) use theory to guide measurement approaches; (2) develop novel, theory-driven empirically based measures; (3) investigate the geography of structural drivers of health; (4) examine social pathways and biological mechanisms; and (5) build a national, publicly available data infrastructure on contextual measures of structural oppression to catalyze research on its health effects."