6th Annual Social Networks and Health workshop, co-sponsored by DUPRI, May 10-12

The Social Networks and Health (SN&H) workshop, sponsored by the Duke Network Analysis Center (DNAC) and DUPRI, offers comprehensive training in network methods for health scholars. Thanks to generous support from the NIH, we offer this training completely free of charge.  

SN&H covers topics in social network analysis related to studying health behaviors, including:

  • Data collection
  • Ego network analysis
  • Diffusion and peer influence
  • Communities in networks
  • Respondent-driven sampling
  • Network visualizations
  • Statistical Models for networks (ERGM, AMEN, SOAM)
  • Agent-based modeling

Now in its 6th year, the SN&H Workshop has built a significant library of training videos, presentation slides, and sample code.  This year’s offerings will include an introductory Foundations track, designed for those just starting in network analysis, and an Advanced Methods track expanding our set of cutting-edge methods discussions.

All workshop materials are available at: https://sites.duke.edu/dnac/training/.

In addition to presentations led by the Duke Network Analysis Center RAs, we are joined this year by jimi adams (Colorado), Ben Cornwell (Cornell), Scott Duxbury (UNC), David Kennedy (RAND), Cassie McMillian (Northeastern), Yami Molina (UIC), Marta Mulawa (Duke), Peter Mucha (Dartmouth), Brea Perry (IU), Craig Rawlings (Duke), David Schaefer (UCI), Jeff Smith (U Nebraska), Tom Valente (USC), Ashton Verdery, Alex Volfovsky (Duke) and Paul Zivich (UNC).

Funding for the Social Networks and Health workshop is provided by NIH grant R25HD079352.

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