Numerous DUPRI Scholars Among Most-Cited in Their Fields

A recent list of top US and global researchers based on publications and citations was published by The site ranks scholars by their discipline h-index, and DUPRI scholars are well-represented. Across a variety of fields, the list demonstrates the reach and significance of our scholars, their achievements, and their contributions to science.

The headliners are Terrie Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi. Within psychology, Moffitt ranked 1st nationally and 4th globally, with Caspi ranked 3rd nationally and 10th globally. Kenneth Dodge, Linda George, Jennifer Lansford, Scott Huettel, Rick Hoyle, and Gregory Samanez-Larkin were also listed as among the best researchers in psychology.

In the social sciences, Kenneth Land, Christopher Wildeman, Eric Stallard, Jeffrey Vincent, James Moody, Lisa Gennetian were listed as top researchers.

Harvey Cohen, Frank Sloan, and Jane Costello were recognized as top researchers in the field of medicine.

Other DUPRI scholars recognized on the list of top researchers were Susan Alberts (ecology and evolution), Philip Cook (law), Joseph Hotz (economics and finance), and Duncan Thomas (economics and finance).