DUPRI consists of a network of scientists and trainees governed by a set of bylaws and an elected Executive Committee. Overseeing all the Institute's activities, the Executive Committee develops policy and reviews and accepts new members. Current members of the Executive Committee are M. Giovanna Merli (Sanford School of Public Policy, ex-officio), Scott Lynch (Sociology, ex-officio), Tyson Brown (Sociology), Lisa Gennetian (Sanford School of Public Policy), Christina Gibson-Davis (Sanford School of Public Policy), Hedwig Lee (Sociology), Marcos Rangel (Sanford School of Public Policy), and Chris Wildeman (Sociology). M. Giovanna Merli currently serves as the Director of DUPRI and Scott M. Lynch serves as the Associate Director.

Organizationally, DUPRI is situated in the Provost-supported Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) where it receives administrative, technical and spatial resources and support.

DUPRI researchers are Duke scholars who hold regular rank appointments and are appointed by the Executive Committee based on their interest and achievements in the population sciences. DUPRI research scholars are actively engaged in population research through diverse and compelling grants portfolios, publications in major population scholarly journals, active membership in the Population Association of America (PAA) and leadership positions in the population sciences community.

For information regarding DUPRI membership contact contactdupri@duke.edu.