NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) integrated administrative data

The New Zealand government has recently authorized and funded a national agency, StatisticsNZ, to create a new resource, the New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure (NZ-IDI). NZ-IDI merges 20 years of electronic administrative data for every resident—including administrative records from the National Health System, Justice System and Police, Motor Vehicles and Driver's License, Education System, Housing System, Social Welfare Benefits, Accident Compensation Insurance Claims, Income Tax Returns, the 2013 National Census, registers of Births, Deaths, Marriages and De-facto unions, broader movements in and out of the country  and other data sources—creating an untapped resource of great scientific potential.

Using the much smaller Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study sample, Sanders utilizes NZ-IDI administrative data to evaluate and broaden—on a national-level—the population-segmentation analysis of the concentration and cost of public health and social services conducted in 2016.  Undertaking this analysis allows researchers to not only use NZ-IDI, but also to develop a sense of what policy relevant questions can be asked and answered when working with NZ-ID—establishing NZ-IDI as a future resource infrastructure for future Duke research.

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